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Increase Efficiency, Safety, And Savings

After a career in the steel mill industry our founder, Aldo, saw opportunities to improve safety while promoting efficiencies and reliability.

Over time, he came up with a number of solutions he knew would improve results for front line employees, supervisors, managers and other stakeholders.

Since then, we have continued to provide these innovative solutions to our clients, to improve the way they do business.

Our goal is to give you a competitive advantage in your market by helping you become the best at what you do.


highly customizable solutions

We work with our clients to tailor our solutions to their specific use-cases.

EXperience and results-driven

We draw on 50+ years of experience in manufacturing and engineering.

powerful ideas

We have identified solutions that specifically address the needs of the steel mill industry.

Won't quit mentality

We work with you to ensure that our products perform to optimal efficiency after installation.

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Steel Making

Heating to Pouring, We Deliver Quality Results: 

  • AutoSander for EBT Taphole
  • Electrode Torque & Storage
  • Temperature & Emission Control

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Steel Casting

Leave the Competition Behind With Your Casting Systems:

  • SEN EZ-Set Chop Gate
  • Lance Manipulator
  • Tundish Deskuller

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Material Handling

Revolutionize Your Material Handling Systems:

  • Alloy & Additive Management
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Conveyor Systems

We Custom Design and Fabricate Equipment To Improve Steel Mill Safety, Quality and Productivity.


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A Quick Word From Our Founder, Aldo Longo:

We develop concepts for you that are custom-fit to suit your production process. Trust our products, screened by engineering feasibility studies, meticulous design, fabrication, assembly and testing before they are delivered to you.

Our affiliated workshops are fully equipped to manufacture steel mill duty equipment, certified to the latest codes and procedures to provide a quick and easy installation and startup at your facility.

In 2001, when I launched our consulting services, we dedicated ourselves to offering your company an experienced, reputable, multi-disciplined team of: process, civil, structural, electrical, automation and mechanical engineers who work with our designers, to provide a single-source for your Steel Mill needs.

We ensure safety and reliability while providing world-class service and top-quality equipment. We also offer consulting services upon request.

Robust, custom solutions, provided with pride and integrity. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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