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EBT Taphole AutoSand

Designed to increase safety, productivity and efficiency. The AutoSand is one of our most popular up-and-coming products. Specifically designed to save your company time, money and lost man-hours due to injury.

The AutoSand utilizes a near-IR camera to allow the operator a clear view of the Taphole through an HMI. The AutoSand Assembly is strategically located on the sump panel taking into account the relative positioning of the taphole to the sump panel port and the back-tilt angle during sanding. A GigE, high resolution near infrared (NearIR) camera is mounted onto the AutoSand assembly to allow an operator to remotely inspect the EBT taphole from the Control Desk (Operator Pulpit and/or the Tapping Pulpit) and remotely manage the sanding of the taphole.

Once activated, it automatically sands the Taphole discharging a consistent, pre-set amount of sand. The operator then views the sanded Taphole through the monitor and acknowledges it has been properly sanded.

Tap Hole Insertion Clean Lance Manipulator (THICLM)


The operation of the Taphole Insertion, Clean and Lance is semi-auto; the operators can safely insert the taphole into furnace bottom and with the capability to safely lance the taphole remote-manual or in Semi-Auto Mode.

The Taphole Insertion Manipulator will accept the placement of the taphole tiles assembly onto the articulated insertion arm via the overhead crane.

The THICLM has capabilities to clean light debris from inside taphole

Our new design Taphole Lance Manipulator will accept the standard “T” lance or a simple lance pipe with internal burning rods and ignitor.

The Taphole Insertion and Articulated Lance Manipulator will be mounted on the side of the tap side tilt platform beam as per reference Dwg LC15M2474-000-03.

The Lance replacement will be performed from the taphole maintenance platform

The Taphole Insertion, Clean and Lance operation is done via electrical controls, AB PLC with digital I/O, incremental encoders, related AB pushbuttons and selector switches. 

Tap Hole Insertion Manipulator (THIM) and LICM Combination 

In any situation with an overhead crane and people working closely to a hot area, you could be looking at an accident waiting to happen. It is very possible for something to go awry with the crane during the lifting of the taphole tile assembly.

Furthermore, during this process the overhead crane is occupying the area over the Electric Arc Furnace, preventing other essential tasks to be performed with the crane.

The THIM eliminates the use of an overhead crane so the task of inserting the taphole into the furnace is safely performed.

The LCIM is a combination of Taphole Lancing, Taphole Insertion, and Taphole Cleaner Manipulator.

Our Manipulator design of the lance can use a standard 3/8” or ½” pipe that operator can bend as needed. The Insertion mechanism is a component of the THIM, however it becomes a Combination when coupled with the Lance and Taphole Cleaner.

This too improves personnel safety and morale as well as making the task more efficient, as well as reducing down-time.

Watch The EBT Taphole Lance In Action:

Alloy Systems


Our alloy systems are designed to automatically get the proper alloys from storage bins, and place them, in the proper amounts, into the ladle during the tapping cycle.

These systems can be programmed to any recipe your company requires.

This eliminates personnel error by adding improper amounts of certain alloys and prevents rejection in steel chemistry.

Ladle Auto Temp/Sampler


The Auto Temp/Sampler is a component which takes the temperature and sample automatically.

This will help you save time and money by limiting the amount of operator manual engagement in your steel making process.

These automatic samplers remove the operator needing to approach an open port in ladle or tundish vessels and adds reliability to the measurement because it ensures consistency of the position of the probe.

Electrode Torque Unit


The off-line electrode torque unit is designed to ensure the correct tightening of electrodes, as well as storage of electrodes. This improves the efficiency of your EAF and prevents sections of electrodes from being lost.

Features water-sprayed cooling tubes to reduce electrode oxidization. These Electrode cooling tubes reduce electrode oxidation.

EAF Water-Cooled Components


ALC has designed and manufactured a number of water-cooled components that are designed in such a way that their product lifespan is improved.

Some of our components include water-cooled panels, elbows, roofs, ductwork and much more.

ALC also provides energy & productivity improvements with a wide variety of our emissions evacuation systems. Consider us when you are looking for someone to design an upgrade for your standard components, or replacing existing water-cooled components.

Custom Consulting Solutions

If you are interested in any of the solutions pictured above, we can customize them to fit almost any steel mill, and any business case.

If you want to learn more about how we can assist you, we offer customized solutions to fit your needs. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consulation.